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This is Katy. She is 5 years old.

This is what she says,

“When it’s your birthday, are we going to have fire cake? Everybody enjoys fire cake(candles). Can I have one for my birthday?

If Deacon (other dog in house) goes to heaven can I go with him? Well if he leaves me here mom can not get another dog.

Mom must say, ‘Katy is my number one priority. We are going to the beach.’

My paw is my translator for my mouth. It says ‘come on mommy. lets go mommy’ or it says, ‘pet me mommy’ or it says, ‘hey mommy you look extra special good today. Want to say something nice to me? Aren’t you glad you have me as your dog? Aren’t we a great team.’

I am the little missy queen of the house.”

Her person writes:

Katy is the confident dog. She was left in a foreclosure and she is determined to be loved and she is not shy.

She usually refers to herself as the “white princess” or the “Missy Queen”.

Long ago Laura told her she had to behave and Katy told Laura to stop picking on her. “Laura, you are just wind in my head.”

Then Katy said “la la la la la, I am not listening.”

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