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This is Jonny. He died of Feb. 9, 2015. He was 8 years old.

Jonny says from Heaven,

I want to tell my dad that one of the hardest things was for me to leave them but I feel like it was at the right time. I feel like we all made the decision to help me go together. I want them to know that they didn’t miss anything. That is important for them to know… I want you to know that I am around you often and you sense me. I am also rushing to the front door with you and I can jump up on door with my front legs. (something he used to do in life). I feel really good.”

Jonny’s person writes about his session with me:

Since my conversation with Laura and Jonny I am much happier and more relaxed because I now know that there truly is an “other side” after our time here is over. I dont know what I thought the outcome of the session might be….bit of skepticism I guess, but in short order I realized to my amazement that she truly was communicating with Jonny because he brought up several things that only he and I knew. Ive been rereading her notes since then and just shaking my head in amazement. Thank you so much Laura for a beautiful experience and for allowing me to hear from my best friend and even though a dog, my son as well.


— * I am so lucky to be able to help people connect with their animals! I feel so blessed.

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