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This is Macho. He is five years old. He and his brother chased after an old lady and her dog. Every since the incident the old lady has been following Macho, his brother and their person on their walks and bother them. I explained to him that he has to try really hard to be less reactive and to think about his behavior.

Macho replied, “I understand. I have an idea. If we have another problem with that lady, we should bake her a cake and put poison in it.”

I explained to him that his idea was not nice.

He said, “It’s not nice? It was just an idea.”

I told him to try to solve his problems with love rather than trying to “get back” at others.

He then replied, “I am supposed to solve all my problems with love? I have another idea. Can I give that woman love by giving her a heart sticker. Maybe we could buy her lunch. No poison.”

yeah! We got somewhere 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Macho”

  1. Amazing 🙂 Animals are so funny! I wonder if he got the poison idea from seeing how people use poison to kill insects, rodents, etc. Things that “bother” us. So great how you taught him differently and how quick he was to get it!

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