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Bean At The Vet

Update on Bean: She didn’t feel much better this morning so I had to bring her back to the vets. She has an infection in her body and gas in her stomach so she is on a medicine cocktail of antibiotics, pain relief, acid reducer… Her fever has come down. Dr. Nicci is confident that her stomach issues will resolve. Though Bean is still complaining about pain in her right shoulder and head so there is concern about neurological issues. We have a few ideas. Time will tell. On a side note: Oddly Hudson my GSD puppy is also limping on his right front. 
Bean looks pretty bad in these photos. But had a few moments of looking better. As Katie the vet tech syringed fed Bean critical care, Bean looked a bit more bright eyed. Bean asked Katie about her bunny at home. They are the same age-8!  
She asked if Katie’s bunny has a tunnel and a cardboard house. He does, just like Bean!  
Bean asked Katie if her bunny has done any remodeling to his cardboard house. Bean has added two doors to hers. Katie told Bean her bunny has just started to remodel :)! Bean then wondered if his remodel just looked like a new a window. 
When I was checking out, Bean told the receptionist, “You should be on critical care”. 
When I asked Bean why she responded to the woman, “You look tired. You need better nutrition and more energy.”  
The receptionist laughed and said Bean is right. She is always tired and was just talking this morning about needing to eat better. We all decided that she could substitute Critical Care for green juice and smoothies.  
I’m happy Bean feels better on critical care and well enough to strike up conversations but she’s worn out and is presently sleeping.  
Thank you all for your well wishes, healing energy and concern. We are very thankful!

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