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Rise and Shine! We are loving the La Posada Hotel in Winslow Arizona. It felt haunted to me the moment I saw it. At 1:30am someone jingled the handle of our door and remained right outside the door walking back and forth. They got the dogs all riled up. Perhaps it is one of the spirits that is known to make sounds. Luca says, “When we first came into the room. I saw a lady sitting on the chair. I had to look twice. She was nice and thought I was pretty. She showed me her new shoes and told me she would vacate for the night…. I don’t think that was her coming back in the middle of the night. I think that was her night time visitor.” Wow. It’s amazing what the animals see. The funny thing about that is when we came into the room I couldn’t find it in myself to place anything on that chair. I started to a few things and then redirected myself. I felt like I was being watched but was so tired I didn’t wanted to ask who was there and freak myself out so I couldn’t sleep. The power of being a professional psychic. I can just turn it off. More pics to come. http://www.laposada.org/

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