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Jaco Pastorius Saito










This is Jaco Pastorius Saito. He is 11 years old.

Jaco said during a session, “If I pee in the litter box will I still be seen as the greatest cat that lived?”

Often during a session, what an animal says seems random or a little questionable. Some people just let it go and do not think much about it. But other times clients ponder why their animal said a certain thing. That is what happened with Jaco’s mom (person). She kept thinking. It always amazes me how much the animals know and understand!

This is what she wrote me after the session:  It took me the rest of the day and well into the evening to realize the significance of that quote: his namesake, bassist Jaco Pastorius, introduced himself to Joe Zawinul of Weather Report (the gig that put him on the map) as “The World’s Greatest Bass Player!”, and is often cited as “The Greatest Bass Player That Ever Lived”. I FINALLY got it after several hours.

(In the photo, Jaco is getting training as a cat conguero by his human dad, Chi Saito, another phenomenal bassist and percussionist…and composer, guitarist, actor, etc.)


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