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This is Yuki.  He died on 07/20/16.

Yuki said from Heaven,

“I want my mom (person) to know that I was not scared. No, I was not scared because I couldn’t do it anymore. I was feeling really sick and had a horrible headache. My headache was overwhelming. My back was hurting and I couldn’t get up anymore. I was losing my mobility…

Mom, the one things that I want you to know is that love that we had is still here. I didn’t leave it. I am still in it and I am still around you. I really am still around you. I feel now that you don’t feel guilty, you will be able to feel me all the time and that will make you smile. Mom. I love you. smile we were perfect.”

His person writes: I had requested a reading because I had overwhelming guilt about making the difficult decision for euthanasia. After having it done, I was concerned that he wasn’t ready to go. Laura’s insightful information has helped me realize that it was time and Yuki was ready for his transition. The loss is sometimes unbearable, but he is at peace now. Thank you


Laura From Laura The Pet Psychic: It is common that people experience what I call “euthanasia guilt”. It is a powerful force that often times can be so heavy and debilitating that it literally stops our ability to feel the subtle feelings of love and messages of comfort our animals are sending to us from Heaven. I urge people to go back to that moment where they felt with out a doubt euthanasia was the best option and to remember that feeling. It is always hard to “play God” but it is a kind act that we are privilege to have the option. A choice that may have been our animals that we were open enough to understand and strong enough to help.

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