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This is Bella. She was 11 years old when she passed away. She said during a session, “I want to tell my mom (person) that I am fast as a ray of sunshine and I sparkle like light on flowers. I am a bee sometimes. I buzz around my mom like a bee. There is a grandpa man here who can take care of me and carries me around in his arm. He wears sweaters and likes to watch tv and takes walks outside. there is a garden here with tomatoes and there is a woman here who makes sure I am always warm and she makes me pieces of cut up meat and hands feeds me. I want my mom to know that I help her often get calm. When she sits quietly and meditates I curl up in her lap and rest my head on her knee. I run next to her and past her too skipping as I walk and dancing. I am happy here and I have miniature toys that I can play with stuffed toys and a basket I can sleep in where i can hide in and pretend I am a stuffed animal. I want to tell my mom that she looks beautiful lately and I feel like she has a sense of calm that is being given to her. that she went through a bit of a hard time and now she is rising out of it. kind of like a tulip in a hard winter. and she is shinning and spirit is gifting her with energy and a feeling of lightness.” I have a desire sometimes to come back in life but I want my mom to be ready and I want my mom to know tht I will be similar but just a little bigger. yes, and a little more round. I want to be a little hardy around other dogs. but I feel I am dancing with the light and there will be a time where the light brings me back. After the session her person wrote: I continue to have sessions with Laura about Bella because loosing Bella some years back was loosing my child. She is my heart and a part of my soul. I miss her more than words can express and loosing her left a wound in my heart that still aches with tears. Laura is my source of confirmation that Bella is here with me in spirit with her detailed messages from my sweet Bella. Bella’s messages are completely in alignment with my activities, what’s taking place in my life and much more. It’s astonishing as many of the things Bella said she would leave me, such as gifts, she did….

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