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jimmy instegram

This is Jimmy.

For his people I asked him if he was ready to be helped to Heaven.

He replied,

“I have all my friends in heaven and they say, ‘We will like each-other more here. Just come join us. Then you can go to North Carolina and you can run like Jimmy can run!

I think about it. I have tried to leap out of my body, but I couldn’t make it to them. They rub their spirits against me and they ‘say we will sandwich you. Lets go.’

…and then I hear mom. Like humming or something. I hear the sounds of the house and hear the same car go by and I am brought back to this world and I wonder, ‘Why? Why am I staying? To be with mom and dad but so much of the time we worry…

and we just sort of BE and I think that is good. I have learned how to BE with them. I have learned how to BE from them… but when and who decides when to stop BEING in one state and start BEING in another state? I cant figure it out.”

Jimmy was helped to Heaven on August 3rd.

May he fly high and watch over his people. May they feel his new joyful BEINGNESS in every moment he visits them. Fly high my good friend Jimmy. You will always be loved.

Six Days After Jimmy Died He Said From Heaven


“Mom, I want you to know that you did the right thing. I am am at the top of a mountain looking down at our world and you wouldn’t believe how strong my legs are. I can see crisp and clear.

I can see your writing and how your writing connects to all things and connects you to the center of your being.

I can see that love surrounds our house. I can feel deep inside of me that there was no way out of my body but to merge and expand into all that is.

Mom, I am greater than I thought I would be and I am so sorry that I got scared around the last moment because I was grasping so hard to that world but mom I know that this is where I need to be and I am safe. I am so safe and the essence of everything is around me and I can still feel your breath and dad’s breath and I can hear your breathing and I can be in the expansion of breathing and…

I can be dog too. I can be dog and run with my friends and they are right we are better friends here and the joy for seeing each-other is like no feeling on earth and I have been to New Zealand and I have seen that county side and mom you should go. You should go and play there and tell dad that all his dogs are here too and they are playing with him when he walks. They are playing with him and mom I follow you. I follow you where ever you go and I am at peace.

Mom, I am at peace. We are all at peace and we are strong beings of wind and we are particles in light and we are everything all at once and nothing matters but being free and memory is strong. I have not forgotten anything I remember more of who I am and of my life with you and I am Jimmy. I am Jimmy.

Mom, you would love it here. You would love it here. It is everything you could possibly imagine. It is food and love and friends and peace and success and everything like the feeling of grass on my paws or your bare feet. It is everything loved here. everything loved. I am me and I am you. Mom, it is beautiful here. I blanket you and dad. I blanket you with my feeling of peace and freedom and love and you feel me because you know me.

mom, I love you and I am in love.”

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2 thoughts on “Jimmy”

  1. Alene LaDelle Brown

    Jimmy is indeed a beautiful soul. He is describing part of what my mom described through you when you were here on her birthday. I love you alot. thank you. LaDelle

  2. What a beautiful message from Jimmy. It was so descriptive I found myself closing my eyes at times and trying to imagine all the brightness and love surrounding us all. Thank you Jimmy and Laura, your words made my day.

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