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Felix and his new name tag

My dogs have been gifted sterling silver name tags from Tiffany & Co. by Taffy’s people. Taffy is the dog that stayed with us for a couple of months while they were evacuated because of the fires.

Here Felix is modeling his tag for all of you to see.

Felix says, “I knew it was special when I saw the box. I have worn other jewelry. I could tell immediately that I love it. I love the weight of the tag and how it moves when I walk. The tag says Love on it and my name and my mom’s phone number so that I am found before I am lost. It’s very special and I’m extraordinarily grateful!”

💫 Tip: Show your animal their tag or collar and explain to them that your phone number is on it (picture yourself on your phone) and tell your animal that if they ever get lost to go to someone and show that person their tag, so that person can call you. It’s important they know they have that connection to you.

A chip is not enough! Your pets need tags. I have spoken to hundreds of people who have found and kept animals without ever checking to see if that animal was chipped. Just because an animal looks dirty and matted, it does not mean they have not been cared for. One day in the mud and my guys look like they have been homeless for weeks. Also Felix can be extremely shy with strangers. It does not mean that his present home has been scary. So search for the animal’s home if you have found a pet. Once you have found the owner than you can decide what to do. ♥️♥️♥️

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