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This is Leon. He is ten years old. His person had a human baby a month ago.

This is what Leon had to say, “My mom is the best mom ever. She once told me I am her favorite baby. I am not jealous at all. My mom has love for all of us. She is very patient. One time I was like, ‘That baby is cranky.’, and my mom was so heart centered and patient I thought, ‘This is important work for my mom. She is going to be a good teacher to this little human. This baby human is special. I think he is already learning other languages in his head.”

He says about how he feels, “Sometimes my brain and my body don’t work together. I say walk, and my body is waiting and just standing. Ever since my radiation treatment, I have had brain lapses. I am confused. I’ll be thirsty, and I will get up to drink, and then I forget why I got up. This happens to me all the time. My tongue feels funny in my mouth. I feel like it rolls to one side and gets stuck. But then I can move it again. I love the energy healing treatments I am getting because, afterward, my body feels a bit different.”

Please take a moment to look at Leon’s picture, breathe up into your heart, and send Leon love and healing. I know he will receive it and be grateful.

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