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This is Leshebo at 15 years old.

Before she passed away in 2015 she, “I am getting really ready to transition to Heaven. It’s this kind of transition that I trust cause I feel like I will become one with the wind… But I want to tell my mom that when I become one with the wind, I will also be a heart kite. It means I am heart and I am always attached to my mom’s heart.”

Her person wrote this testimonial shorty after our session:
I have been feeling that it might be time for my baby to pass on soon. It’s just my instinct and knowing her for the fifteen years I’ve had her in my life…by my side. What she said to me was so beautiful and poetic. She is helping me visualize how to comfort myself and feel her presence when she DOES pass on. The way she describes things to me is so ‘poetic’, as Laura says.

RIGHT after the reading, we went into the yard, and there I found a clover leaf (still planted in the ground), but missing the other two leafs, so it was instead, a heart with a ‘string’ (the stem) attached. I have kept this. 

From Laura: It is always amazing to me how the universe will validate the connection we have with Spirit. It is so important to notice Spirits messages and to treasure them.

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1 thought on “LESHEBO”

  1. Reverie Rene Santos

    I need some insight on my fur babies, one sadly passed in March the other is still here but has gotten very picky with her meals i never know what to feed her. I prepare 2 to 3 different things hoping she’ll pick one and eat it. Im going crazy. Help please.

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