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Loki and Pearl

This is Loki, the dog, and Pearl, the cat. They were best friends. Loki died in October at the age of 9 years old. Their people wanted to know if Pearl could learn to live with a puppy.

This is Pearl’s answer, “It will be easy to live with a puppy because it was easy to be with Loki. Before Loki died, he taught me all about dogs. He said to me, ‘I don’t want you and mom and dad to be alone. It’s ok to love another dog. You are smart. You can train any dog that comes into the house. You just tell them all about me, and you teach them how to be just like me. I said to Loki, ‘ok,’ and then he said, ‘Sometimes puppies bite. You swat them, and they will stop. It’s only in fun play. You can chase the puppies’ tail if you want to. Be careful not to claw them too hard.’

The other day Loki came to me as a bird, and he was flying around my head playing games with me. I was like, “Loki, stop it!”. Loki then became a spirit dog and lay down with me. We took a nap together in the sun outside. It was a nice day that day.”

Laura’s thoughts: This touched me. It is so amazing that Loki took the time to prepare his cat for life after his death.

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