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This is Luna. She is five years old. She was rescued out of a shelter in Oklahoma. She had multiple transports till she made it to California to her adoptive parents. She gets very nervous in the car. She shakes, especially when the car stops for any reason. Luna says, “Well one of the reasons I am scared in the car is that I feel the fear again. One time I tried to get out and they were kicking me back in and grabbing me and kicking me and then I was in the kennel and the kennel was too small for me. I felt suffocated. Every time I am in the car, I think of that.”

I told her that because she was trying to bolt out of the car the people had to do whatever they could to stop her from panicking and get her back in the car. It may have seemed like they were kicking and grabbing her because of meanness but they were actually trying to protect her and were doing everything they could not to lose her.  They were responsible for her safety and they didn’t want her lost again. 

Luna replied, “That makes me cry. Cause I didn’t see it like that.”

I told her that is because she was scared but now she is smart and brave.  She has been in a good home for a long time so she can see it differently and now she can get over it.  She said she was going to try.  

Just like people, animals can understand more over time. Trust that they can grow out of their issues.

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