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This is Madison. She is 13 years old. We have been friends for a long time. She talks about how I have given her some ideas over the years. She is pretty special! Madison says, “I think what is important is the dream board idea. My mom (person) should have something that gives you a burst of ‘yes, I can manifest that in my life and in my reality! ’ There are so many annoying thoughts that creep up. Looking at a dream reality board can wash away annoying thoughts quickly. I do it myself in my own mind. Laura told me long ago that I can create any feeling that I want or any idea that I want, and I have been doing it all the time. I do it with sunny places outside. I do it with experiences of love, and sometimes even toys and food. I think about things, tell my mom, and she always comes through.”

“Laura, don’t get upset but sometimes I use your power. I go to you and pull power from you. I just think of you and pull power. It helps me thrive in my life because I know you believe in dreams being real..”

Testimonial from her person: My cats and I have been clients of Laura for over 10 years now. The communication she fosters between us has made my bond with my cats so much more profound. I am so grateful for the connection and service she provides. I highly recommend Laura!

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