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This is Mariah. Animals love to give their people relationship advice. They pick up on our energy about who is good for us and who is not and what makes us happy. Here is what Mariah says about her person. Names changed to protect their privacy.

“I choose to be here with Mom in this life to be her guardian angel. I am less agile and run around less in life, so I can be more present with my mom and what she needs. You can tell Dave that I have yelled at him in my mind. He is not easy. He needs to gain listening skills. Although I love him when he is happy, he lacks listening skills. When you don’t have listening skills, everything sounds like too much wind in the ear. If you have listening skills, you can sit comfortably. Dave can’t. This is what I have to say to my mom, ‘Don’t give up on love. Because either Dave will start to listen to you, and you both can start to hear each other, or he will go away, and someone else will come in. I know this because my mom is cooler than most people, so someone is going to love her a lot.”

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