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This is Maya. In 2021, in the last year of her life, she said about death,

“Fear is the smell of dirty rotten stuff and fear is not supposed to be alive, love is. Love smells like roses and also love smells like my moms. If I die do I become everything even the sun and the wind? If I was the sun and wind. I would be quiet and warm.”

Today she said from Heaven,

“I need to tell my moms that when I got here, I saw all these grandma women and they were the chattiest bunch. I couldn’t even understand them. They were doting all over me and fighting over who was going to get to hold me and pet me. I said, ‘just let me run amongst the flowers’. There are so many flowers. Do you know that I have found myself in a mystery of love? It’s like every moment is a new surprise of feeling wonder. If they ask, ‘will you come back to us sweet thing?’ I say, ‘of course’ but I am telling you it’s hard to leave this Heaven place because you feel as if you are everything you are meant to be, everything you should be, and everything you were. There is not one feeling of regret, illness or stupidity. Every moment is smart.”

💛. Sweet little Maya couldn’t describe Heaven any better!

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