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Medic wonders… “Become a Vegan?”

Dear Laura,

I know you place tremendous value on your time so I’ll be brief. I was in the Army for six year and served a tour of duty over seas in Iraq as a medic.  Ever since returning home I have been thinking a lot about different things, and lately I was thinking about going vegan, and I was wondering what your stance on eating meat is?  I understand if you’re too busy to answer in depth or would prefer not to discuss the topic given that we’ve had no interactions in the past. However, if you have any pearls of wisdom or specific thoughts, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and I truly hope we can connect.

Best, M.

Dear M.,

Wow, Thank you for your service to our country.  And for asking me on my stance on eating meat.  I truly believe it is a personal preference.  I am a vegetarian.  I do eat eggs and cheese.  I have been vegetarian since I was around 10 years old.  I am now 37.  I must confess that I have two large dogs (a wolf dog and an Australian Shepherd) of which I feed them 90 lbs of meat a month.  So I am not one to truly talk about the ethics behind being a vegetarian.  Though I can offer some thoughts that may be an issue for someone in your situation.  I believe that everything we put into our bodies has it’s own energy.  I believe that the way that the animals are raised and killed are held inside the animal products that we digest.  I can imagine that in your tour of duty you have witnessed an extraordinary amount of suffering and death.  Perhaps even to the point of your system being overwhelmed by it all.  It may be possible that you are now so sensitive to the energy of suffering that you can literally no longer “ingest” it.  Meaning that meat and what it energetically holds may be too much for you.  Perhaps you just need to cleanse yourself (through diet) for a period of time or eat only meat that is humanely raised and killed.  Or perhaps becoming a full time vegan is the right life path for your beliefs and your body.  If I were you I would start with Dr. Schultz’s 30-day vegan raw cleanse.  I do it once a year to clean out my system and to give my mind more clarity and focus.  It is a great start to any new endeavor.

I wish you the best.

Many blessings, Laura

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2 thoughts on “Medic wonders… “Become a Vegan?””

  1. Hey, Laura, that’s wonderful advice. I’ve been leaning slightly more toward raw foodism, but I hadn’t thought about the energy aspect of eating meat, I must think about that idea.

    So a big thank you for sharing that, truly food for thought – ha!

    btw, I would love to hear from your kitties on how they’ve moved past the whole peeing in the house phase and what advice they might have for other kitties grappling with this.

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