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Mental Balance For Health – Dear Stormy

Dear Stormy: Mental Balance for Health

Working and Personal Life Need Boundaries

Dear Stormy,

I am having difficulty finding a balance between my work life and personal life. In my work life, I am a social worker who works with people who have severe and persistent mental illness. In my personal life, I am a Reiki master, and I am learning to be a animal communicator. It has been my intention to model the way of the light to those I work with professionally.

However, lately I have been drawn away from my work life because it feels too dark and often toxic, even when I feel I am protecting myself with good energy and good boundaries. I have always felt I was drawn to this profession to help people, but now I am not so sure. Any advice you might have would be very helpful. Thank you. Please give my love to Laura and all of your family! —Cheri

Dear Cheri,

I am sorry you are struggling with your work. I understand that when you work with light healing while learning telepathic/empathic communication, you will become more sensitive to both light and dark. This can be very difficult and emotionally draining for many. Sometimes we have to walk away from situations that maybe too toxic for us. This is okay. Trust your intuition. There may be another profession better suited for you. No worries, because all you have learned as a social worker will be helpful to you in your future. That is the way life works.

Though you mentioned that you have always been drawn to your profession working with the mentally ill, the mentally ill can be extremely difficult to work with because sometimes they are not clear in their communications. Their post-traumatic stress can have a powerful inner voice of its own, and dark entities maybe attached to them or attracted to them.

I believe you could really help these people. On your way to work, I would make a firm boundary and intention that you only connect with these peoples’ higher-selves and the divine within them. If you don’t do this, even though you are putting up boundaries, you may still be connecting with and communicating with these peoples’ disturbed thoughts and feelings. This is emotionally draining.

Finding the frequency of their higher self is very much the same feeling as solving a problem and finding the answer. I hope that makes sense. I hate to mention this, but sometimes people are not nice inside. Sometimes they have lived many lives as not a nice person, and their divine light may be very small. If you are not that experienced, I would only work with these people for a short amount of time. When you become experienced, you can help these people connect with and grow their divine light. They can surprise you and heal very quickly.

It is also important to call in your guides and angels for help. Some people have a problem believing that there are beings on the other side that help. If you don’t believe, imagine. You could create a supernatural being in your mind that could help you, and that being can manifest itself. Many guides, angels, and spirits will put their energy into this creation of a being, and this being can be your guardian during your workdays. I love this idea. It is creative and fun. When working with toxicity and darkness, it is easy to get too serious. Remember to have fun, laugh, and be in joy.

So you have choices to make. Experiment in your work, or find yourself a new profession. People work a lot. It takes up a lot of time. So it is best to find a job one enjoys. It is wonderful to help people but not to the point of suffering. Being in a job where you are helpful and inspired is a powerful way to live in love.

These are exciting decisions you are making. My mom and I wish you the best of luck.

Love, Stormy


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2 thoughts on “Mental Balance For Health – Dear Stormy”

  1. Stormy,
    You are so wise! Thank you for your thoughtful and wise answer! I have already made steps to transition from my career to one that resonates with the person I have grown into. Sending lots of love and light to you and your family! Cheri

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