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My Fox Friend

My little fox friend. She says, “There is better hunting when there is a big moon out. I get more to eat.”

🌕 I live in the country. There is actually still a fox hunt here. She’s talking about hunting food for herself. But there are people here that actually hunt her.

Because my property borders the land they hunt on, I get notified every time they go out. I put it out to all the foxes in the neighborhood to stay safe. The hunt claims they don’t kill the foxes because the foxes go into their dens but there is one fox I haven’t seen since a hunt a few weeks back and I’m scared to ask. It’s a cruel sport. Even some of the dogs will rest near my property because they are getting too old to run so much.

I understand the fun of riding horses through the woods, jumping fences and riding with a pack of dogs but I don’t understand the fun of chasing a species that is so docile, gentle, and friendly.

May all the foxes stay safe and this cruel sport be dismantled.

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