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my Stormy

Stormy says about a woman that takes care of him, “mom she is trying to hear me so I send it in different ways. I send it in spirals to her”.

I say, “Stormy that sounds confusing try sending it straight”.

Storm answers, “Her mind is all twirly & I need to get in there”

These are comments from facebook on this post:

Karen: who is Stormy trying to get through to? Twirly mind, I can relate to that!
Sun at 8:40am ·

Tallison Wow! I can relate to what Stormy is saying here. So many minds are running like squirrels in wheels! Can we just relax and breathe?
Sun at 12:34pm ·

Eye Pillows Yes, breath in pink to the Heart Chakra & blow out blackness (squirreliness) of our minds.I like to breath in bright white stars in my head & watch brown colour(old needless thoughts) come out my ears.It works,You can make up your own imagery,It’s fun.
Mon at 2:26am ·

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