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My Telepathic Gifts, “Did you get struck by lightening?”

People often say that they notice animals are calmer when they are in my presence.  I have thought a lot about this.  Why are animals calmer?  Do they know I can hear them just by looking at me?  I don’t always tell them I can hear them, but I do I know the subtle differences between human body language an animal body language.  When meeting an animal for the first time I avoid eye contact or I look and then look away.  I never bend my torso over an animal.  I bend with my knees.  I move slowly.  I avoid reaching my hand in front of their eyes and over their head.  When I pet an animal I am conscious of my breathing and more often then not use the back of my hand before my palm.  If an animal turns away I back off a bit.  I can fluently speak their language with my body.

When I tell them telepathically I can hear them, every now and then they question me on how I got my telepathic skills, “Are you part animal?” They sometimes say. “Was your mom a cat?” They may ask.  “Did you eat something to be able to hear us?” “Did you get struck by lightening?”  “Did the angels gift you?” “Did you hit your head once?”  “Were you an animal in a past life?” “Are you a witch?” “Are you from another planet?” “Are you one of those stars that fell from the sky?” “Are you a fairy grown tall?” “Where you born from a ray of sunshine like that dust?” “Are you a monster?” “Can you tell my mom which school you went to?”…

Here five animals share with me what they noticed about me the first time they met me.

Dolly (horse):  When I saw you, you didn’t look human though you walked liked one.  I noticed immediately that my thoughts made it to your mind with out much of an effort.  When I told you about my past it was as if it got erased away.  I felt understood and that made me feel safe.

Naomi (Goat):  I thought this lady has the most unusual eyes.  I didn’t know what you were and when you were talking to me I was scared, but then I started to understand some things that I was confused about and then I thought this lady is intense but she is helpful.

Catch (cattle dog):  I thought you were more like nature then most people and at first I wondered if you were a predator and then I thought you might be one of the lightening people.

Bella (Chihuahua):  Most people scare me, but I knew if I stayed around you I would be become smarter.  It’s like the wind or the air is more still around you.  It reminds me of sleeping in my blanket.  It’s like I had all these thoughts in my head and you knew how to organize them for me.

Rusty (cat):  I thought you were silent in your head and you noticed everything a cat would notice.  Most peoples’ thoughts move really fast and blend together with out direction.  Your thoughts move fast until you put them together.  Then they slow down while you send them where you want them to go.

Pippin (bird):  I watched you talk to the animals and I thought for the first time, maybe I could learn something from a human.  Also the air is silent around you.

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1 thought on “My Telepathic Gifts, “Did you get struck by lightening?””

  1. I don’t know If I said it already but …Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks,)

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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