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This is Neo. He died when he was 1.5 years old of lymphoma.

He says from Heaven, “Mom, I have to say something about when I lived with you and dad. You taught me a lot. You had great expectations for me. You always saw my potential. I loved the way you would call my name. I was really good at listening to you because you had a special way of making me feel safe by your side. When I left for Heaven, I worried that I wasn’t safe. Sean keeps me safe here. (Sean is Neo’s person’s late brother.)I feel he is always watching to see where I am. He never lets me run too far away. He is careful with me. He doesn’t take me too far out into the ocean. He is very watchful of me. I want you to know that.”

Laura’s note: Often, our family members and friends are in Heaven to greet and take care of our animals when they pass. Not only is this a message from Neo to his mom (person) but it is also a message from my client’s brother letting his sister know that he loves her, is ok in Heaven, and is watching out for Neo. We are all connected

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