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New Years Resolutions – Dear Stormy

Dear Stormy: New Year’s Resolutions

A Positive Tradition, If You Let It


Dear Stormy,

What do you think of people making New Year’s resolutions? Do you have one for yourself and any ideas for a New Year’s resolution for Laura, your person?

Sincerely, Morgan F.

Dear Morgan,

I do have a New Year’s resolution. I want to have more positive thoughts when I wake up. I am almost 15 years old. Sometimes when I wake up my body is very sore. I think to myself, “Ow, my body hurts. I am stiff, and I am in pain.” I am making a conscious effort to change that thought pattern. I told my mom (Laura) this yesterday. I usually sleep on the floor because I like cool, hard surfaces. My mom took my firm bed out of the VW bus and put a sheet on it. Then she laid it next to the bed. Last night I slept on it. When I woke up I noticed my body was less sore. Having the right sleeping situation helps my body. So now it is a bit easier to change my thinking, but I still have to be very conscious of my thoughts.

I am now saying to myself, “I breathe into my body and heal myself. I am flexible. My body supports my soul. I feel energetic and at ease. This is the right moment to feel wonderful within myself.” This has been helping me. I say this to myself periodically through out the day to help me feel better. It truly works.

I think that New Year’s resolutions are a positive tradition. What I noticed is hard for people are discipline and perseverance. People forget their goals. I think this is silly because without goals people do not accomplish as much as their potential would allow. Sometimes people self-sabotage themselves because of issues they had in their past. That is why it is important to be conscious about not looking back into the past.

It helps to have an affirmation. If you find your self drifting to old memories or destructive sayings, you can fall back on this affirmation. Contemplate your affirmation when you say it. Do not say it mindlessly. Breathing, contemplating, and visioning yourself in the state that you want will create the most success. In your affirmation you should state what you want to accomplish.

I do have a New Year’s resolution for my mom. My mom (Laura) has always wanted to write and complete a book. She has worked on many. She needs to think about her goal and the steps it takes to accomplish it. This is the affirmation I would give her: “I am a successful author. I write every day. My creativity is boundless and joyful. As I write I become more fulfilled in my body and my soul. It is my destiny to help others through words. I allow myself to be all that I can be.”

I want everyone to know that when you have a New Year’s resolution the process of accomplishing your goal should be joyful. If you start making it negative than you need to correct your thinking or find another resolution you can be dedicated to with enjoyment. Changing yourself for the better should be fun.

Happy New Year, everyone! Be yourself and be well. Changes do happen.

Envision yourself the way you want to be, then be it.

Love, Stormy

Storm & Luca
Storm & Luca

Stormy, aka Storm King, is a 14½-year-old Australian shepherd. His person is Laura Stinchfield, the pet psychic of thepetpsychic.com.

If you are a fan of Stormy’s and would like to hear his advice on life in general, your life, or your pet’s life, please email questions to laura@petpsychic.wpengine.com with “Dear Stormy” in the subject line. * Stormy does not talk to your pets. He gives advice 🙂

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5 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions – Dear Stormy”

  1. How wise this Beloved One has become. ‘Always amazes me.
    Good-lookin’ pair of canines On the Road to Peace and Calmness!
    With all Best Wishes for a Beautiful & Bountiful New Year to the Whole Family.
    From Tucker & Chloe

  2. Hi Laura, I love hearing Stormy’s advice. What a great idea Is that picture of Stormy & Luca from the upper valley? I use to live in Ojai over 30 years ago and that spot looked familiar (near a dirt road that goes up towards the cliffs of Topa Topa?) Great to hear from you… -Rusty

    1. Hi Rusty, Great to hear back from you! That picture was taken in the upper Ojai Valley – on the dirt road leading to the Ojai Foundation. Many blessings to you in the New Year!

  3. WOW! What a lovely post…as usual. 🙂 These New Year’s Resolutions are delightful and simply sublime. Stormy is truly a blessing in this world, as are all animals.

    When I first read Stormy’s New Year’s Resolutions, I chuckled to myself since I also wrote down a list of intentions about purifying and uplifting my thoughts too. So, I guess we have something in common! 🙂 Tee hee hee. Anyhow, I am going to implement some of Stormy’s affirmations/guidance into my daily routine and allow them to take hold. I believe it was Doreen Virtue (angel communicator) who once said that it takes about 21 days for a new habit or pattern to take root. So, all this month, I will be practicing on creating a new, lighter, happier, and more empowered lifestyle.



    1. Hi Sophia! Stormy and I love that you have enjoyed his column. Thank you for writing! Let us know how it is going 🙂 Many blessings, Laura

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