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Ernie Salomon tv show * Rush for a cat

No walk in hours at aloha today Wednesday April 7th!

WATCH ME ON the Ernie Salomon Show: LIVE 7pm santa barbara local channel 17! I’ll talk about my work and talk to a cat who needs a home.

My good friend, Jim Crook (SB jeep, hyundai, dodge and milpas motors dealer), will also be featured on the Show!

Thursday post after show:

It was a wild night. I had a cat all set up and then 30 minutes before the show the rescue woman said she could not make it but I could go to her house to pick up the cat.

I got a bit lost trying to find her home and then when I got there the little cat had a droopy pussy eye.  So I couldn’t take him.

I didn’t want to take a sick cat on air  :-(.  I went on with no animal!

But it all worked out and was a great show anyways!

I will post it soon.

Thank you everyone who tried to find me a rescue animal to take on the show!

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