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~On the Road~ At the Lake with Seamora

Every chance we got we would take Seamora out too.  We were fortunate to have her old outdoor cage on the back of the RV.  She loved Grant’s Lake and yes that is snow! 

She says,

“When I felt the fresh air, saw that big lake and the snow, I thought I was in a different world than I have ever known before.  I wished I could fly.”  


The sign with Jim says, “Warning.  Area Due to Bear Danger Beyond This Sign Is Closed To All Travel.”


Hudson was going crazy sniffing the rocks protruding out of the lake.  I am pretty sure the bears were not staying on their side of the sign. 

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1 thought on “~On the Road~ At the Lake with Seamora”

  1. This is a wonderful letter and photos. I pass these letters on to my friends to brighten their days.

    Great words: we must be conscious of our thoughts.

    Lise Laughlin and Oliver
    The very talented Miss Kitty Carlisle is with us in Spirit.

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