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~On the Road~ Life inside the Van: Seamora

This is Seamora’s travel cage.  You can see her perch in the back.  My thoughts were that she would stand on the perch and grab hold of the rope if she needed to. That didn’t happen.


For the first two days, she clung to the front door with her beak and talons.  I then moved her perch to the front of the cage. This worked out much better for her.  She stood on the perch and if she needed to grab hold of the cage with her beak for balance she easily could do so.  I worried about her the most.  She says,

“I found the RV ride to be extremely odd and unnatural.   I would have rather been in a regular car.  I understand that we covered great distances and saw many amazing things. I would do it again to see more of the world.”

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