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This is Penny. She is seven months old and a reincarnation of her person’s previous dog.

Penny says, “I am so excited to talk with you because I remember so much about my past life. I remember my mom holding me in her arms, saying goodbye, and now I am saying hello…. Sometimes when my mom is like, ‘Penny are you Trixie?’. I say, ‘Of course I am.’ This life is about action. I need to keep you moving. I want to go on vacation to the beach or go to grandma’s and sleep on the really high bed. I also want to tell my mom that in the car, I can’t see out enough. I want to see out more. I feel so much love from my mom. I know my life is exciting. I want to learn an action sport.”

When animals reincarnate come back to us, they will hold some of the same characteristics, but they will often be very different. It is a new life, with new lessons and new genetics. Penny remembers being her past self, but it is not uncommon for animals not to have memories at all. Often memories will filter back slowly by being triggered by situations, places, and people in their lives. In Penny’s past life, she was not an active girl at all. This life is about health and vitality. I can not express this enough. It is important to mourn the passing of our animals fully; otherwise, one may not recognize or value their animal in a new life.

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