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Pet Psychic Radio 01-03-13

Beach Bathes


Leaving Home To Be A Service Dog

On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio:  Breathe through the beginning. We get it all worked out.  We find out why Greece the Shepherd/Dane mix loves the ocean but hates the bath.  Styles the pitbull tells us about having a hard time moving his legs.  We learn how Mette, the Golden Retriever, feels about leaving her family to become a service dog.  Two cats surprise us with their reasons about meowing at night.  Cat Sammy Jo tells us how he is feeling.  Laura’s cat Makia shares her Words Of Wisdom, “Everyone should see the sunrise.”

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Laura’s Cat Makia
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1 thought on “Pet Psychic Radio 01-03-13”

  1. Please tell me how I can connect with you. I don’t have a lot of money, but I am gutted over my loss of my Piggy last Feb. I really, really need help. I don’t even wanna go on without him. I’m really struggling and it’s been a while.
    I feel guilt over having to put him down.
    I wanna know I’ll see him again.
    Please let me know how to make an appt and if I can make payments.
    Please, please help me

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