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Pet Psychic Radio 01-09-14 Aggression – Talking about and Teaching Ideal Behavior

A pit bull growls at a foster toddler. Another dog kills a smaller dog in the house.  Listen to this episode to hear what these dogs have to say, what behaviors the people should watch for and steps to create an peaceful predictable environment.  We also hear from the small dog that was killed and see where he is in heaven.  There are other callers too!  A cat whose poop is rolling through the house and cats that are getting ready for a plane trip are just a couple.

Stormy’s words of wisdom, “Slow down and think before you make a decision, because if it is a bad decision you may have to change your mind and risk looking bad.  Take the time to think your situation through.” 



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Lucky and Ruby the traveling cats
Lucky and Ruby the traveling cats

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