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Piddles and the Car & Tink and Reincarnation


Piddles talks about her fear in the car, “The car feels like wind I am riding.  The car reminds me of something scary but I am not sure why.  Does cars flip over like I am rolling?  Are they scared that we will roll in the car?  If I go in the car can I have the red spotted bed and a pillow from the bedroom?”


Tink talks about reincarnation, “You know what I think? My birthdate is a special day because it’s the day of great importance for my people. They will have me a long time.  Birthdays are special cause it’s when you come out the tunnel and into the light again.”

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1 thought on “Piddles and the Car & Tink and Reincarnation”

  1. I wonder if Tink can recall before the tunnel and if she knew her current family then. I think I have had friends come back to me this way. I also believe that when a friend leaves here and crosses over, they can sometimes can loan things to the living. A cat that never purr’s suddenly begins and a dog that never barks, suddenly has a voice!

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