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Chimp Haven’s

January 25th Newsletter:

It’s been an extraordinary week for Chimp Haven. The National Institutes of Health’s Working Group recommended that all but 50 federally-owned biomedical research chimpanzees be moved to the The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary System.  This means there is potential for Chimp Haven to take in hundreds more chimpanzees. If you missed it, CBS Evening News

and The Rachel Maddow Show showcased this great news this week.

New arrival, Candy.


We also welcomed  the first 16 of 111 chimpanzees from the New Iberia Research Center. Julius, Phyllis, Sandy, Jessica, Debbie, Linda, Kathy, Margaret, Daisy, Megan, Candy, Jimmy, Becky, Mackensie, Dea and Quilla are in a quarantined location in the sanctuary, but will soon be introduced to other members of the colony. The new arrivals are adjusting well to the sanctuary environment and showing good signs of curiosity and excitement. Click here to view pictures of our new arrivals.

As we gain momentum in this journey, we thank you for your generosity and dedication to Chimp Haven’s mission of providing permanent sanctuary for retired federally-owned, former pet and entertainment chimpanzees. You are the reason we are able to continue providing wonderful care for each chimpanzee. However, we still have a long way to go to reach our $5 million fundraising goal in bringing all 111 chimpanzees to Chimp Haven and your continued support is appreciated. We invite you to donate to the Road to Chimp Haven Campaign by clicking here, but we also invite you to become a Chimp Haven advocate by passing along this ChimpanzeeGram to family, friends and coworkers.

For updates on Chimp Haven’s new arrivals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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