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Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear was a feral male cat that showed up in an established feral colony. He was trapped and brought inside for socializing due to looking unhealthy, scared, and out of his element in the neighborhood. 

This is what Pooh Bear had to say, “I lost my people a long time ago. I have been traveling. I have walked a long way. I was trying to find my people, but I am so lost now. I have been running from people, but now I am glad that I am here. Each day I remember what it was like to be picked up and loved by people and not have things thrown at me, the hose sprayed on me, or just a dog chasing me. I am really happy I am not in a strange land anymore.

…I understood the vet. They told me they would take care of me, and I already feel less pain in my body. I feel more relaxed and that is a good thing. When I get better, I would like to play.

… I want her (new person/mom) to know that I feel safe with her, and I am just nervous right now of being pet because my body is sore, but I know that one day I will let her. I know that she is my friend.”


“Our phone call with Laura was amazing. She connected with a feral cat we’re socializing. He tested positive for FIV so neutering and releasing isn’t an option. Additionally, he was not part of the established feral colony we care for, was in poor health, and clearly not comfortable out there. It was a remarkable blessing to learn that he’s glad we brought him in, and gain insights into how we can help him be more comfortable and happy. Laura is gentle and loving with animals, and her ability to give voice to them is a remarkable gift. I’m truly grateful and plan to schedule another session with her. Thank you, Laura, you’re an angel!”

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