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This is Red. He is four years old. He often sees Spirits. He says, “I often see Lucky (his late cat brother) and The Customer (late outdoor brother feral cat). When I see them, they are way younger and more agile than they were before they died. They sprint when I sprint. Lucky told me that I need to eat pumpkin to settle my stomach.”

“I want to tell you that I am amazing. I have brilliance inside of me. I know that if I was one of my mom’s students (His mom is a teacher), I would be the smartest. I have quiet smartness. I know my mom’s foot is broken and she needs to do exercises every day to give it flexibility. (This is true)”

“You know your bunny, Laura, your bunny visited me. (He is talking about Clyde) He said, ‘You are a good-looking cat and you should be nicer to your sister. Lie next to her. She needs a comforting friend to touch backs with her when she’s lying down.”

Aww, I love that he is talking with all our loved ones in Spirit.

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