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This is Rogan.  He died a few years ago at ten years old.  He is the predecessor to Sammy, who I posted yesterday.  If you recall, Sammy is a rescue with some anxiety aggression issues.

Rogan says from Heaven, “I want them to know that when they are walking Sammy that they should remember me and tell him about me. Then Sammy can be like me by emulating their memory of me…I also want them to know that I love them and have been happy here. I am around them all the time. I helped them pick out Sammy.”

It is hard to adopt a dog with aggression issues. It is beautiful that their late dog helped them pick Sammy out. It reassures me that Rogan and the power of Spirit feel that his family are the right people to help rehabilitate Sammy. There is something greater than all of us that feels they need each other. It is also a nice idea to tell Sammy about Rogan so Sammy has someone to look up to. I am sure he can feel Sammy’s spirit supporting him.

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