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This is Sadie.  She died in 2018.  When I reached her in the afterlife, she said,


“I have to tell my mom (person) that I have her mother here and a princess.  They take care of me.  They love me so much. They cut me pieces of this fish that they make. It is wonderful here. There are sun places to lie in, tulips everywhere, and if you find yourself in a confusing place, it’s super easy to figure it out.  I can even play here.  I want my mom to know about a very blessed wisdom gift to bestow to her.  I will make sure she has a great vacation.  They are going to have fun.”


Sadie’s is talking about her person’s mother and her mother’s best friend.  They used to call the best friend a princess!   The mother also used to always make a fish dish when she was alive.   When deceased animals mention people they are with in the afterlife they are doing it for two reasons.  One so that we know they are not alone, and the other reason is those people are letting their loved ones know they are happy and healthy and watching over their loved one’s pets.


The “very special wisdom gift” is the new grandchild that is about to visit.  Sadie’s person has been worried that her new rescue dog will be with the baby.  There are many in Spirit watching over the union, so I am sure all will be well. 

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