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This is Sam. He is 14 years old. He lost his doggie sister Wilma this year. He sees her Spirit around. He says, “One of the things that I want to tell you about my life that has changed is that I was confused and now I am enlightened. When Wilma passed, I found this secret place inside of me that knows where she is. I can visit her. I see her running around. I even saw her with a ball in her mouth and kicking it and letting it roll and then running after it.”

“One time I was outside in the yard, and I saw her sleeping. Her fur was glowing in the sunlight and she had all her legs (one was amputated later in life). Then she looked up at me and disappeared. Sometimes at night time, I hear her breathing. It still happens. This has been wonderful for me. These times make me feel so genuinely at peace. I feel that wherever we go after we die is someplace magical and I am not scared of it. But sometimes I am pissed off because I miss her in body. I don’t like the fact that time keeps making you older.”

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