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Sophie’s Thoughts

This is Sophie. She has since passed away.  In  2014 at 11 years old, she said during a session, 


“I want my mom (person) to know that she is a wild dream. She is a wildflower that blows in the wind and spreads her seeds all over the place. I feel special to be a part of her life. We help people find their truth and their souls’ way.  This is important. 


My mom has a guardian angel that watches her while she sleeps. The angel puts little ideas in her head to help her clients so that people can move forward in joy. I am such a big part of my mom, and she is such a big part of me. I  want her to know that I appreciate her.


    Mom, you got to understand, you are beautiful. You are just like a wildflower. I want to live like a wind-chime.  I want to blow and make music. I think what we need to do is explore nature and outdoor museums where dogs can go. I want to experience more of the world. 


Are there sacred places that we can go to? Maybe where there are monks or healers around. I love sacred places. The office is a sacred place. Can we have an orchid in our office and call it the orchid of healing truth?”


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