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This is Squeaker. She is nine years old. She is a rescue that was transported up to NY from North Carolina. Squeaker wanted to tell us about her past. It is a little all over the place. This often happens when memories are flooded back, and the animals try to relay them quickly to me.

She says, “You know this place that has towers and then water underneath the tower? There are cars under there (I believe she talks about a parking garage or a flood zone). I lived in a place like that. What happened is that it rained, and I almost drowned. My people were not like my mom and dad now. They had arguments. When people come to this door, I bark because I don’t know if it’s the police. Sometimes the police take you away.”

When I asked her who the police take away, she answered, “Both. People and doggies.”

I then asked her if the police took her away from her people. She replied, “No, this man rescued me and tackled me and threw me into a cage on a truck. He took me away. I was too tired to fight him because I had water in my body.”

What I got from her is that she lived in a volatile home and that sometimes the police would come to the door. It also sounded to me that she survived a flood. So I asked her person when she was adopted. It was December of 2018. Then I googled North Carolina Flood 2018 and found that there was bad flooding from Hurricane Flourence in September of 2018.

I am sure, Squeaker was rescued from this flood. It is often an incredible relief for animals just to tell their story and have the people they now love the most know what they went through.

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