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Stormy 1999-2015

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June 14, 1999 – March 5, 2015


Stormy aka “Storm King”

Some of Stormy’s Words Of Wisdom:

“It is important to see yourself as a light. The brighter you express your light, the more beings are affected by your radiance. If you feel dark, shelter yourself. It only takes a few moments to rest and allow the light to radiate again. Everyone has light in them. Some people ignore it. Be the light.” -Stormy

“One of the great things about being alive is that you can create any life that you desire.” -Stormy

“You gotta do something you enjoy in life. I don’t care how depressed you are, I don’t care how tired you are, I don’t care how sick you are, you just get up and do something you love. Even if you have to make it up. You could go for a walk, you could go for a swim, you could go pet some horses, you could go out with a friend. But if you’re feeling depressed, you better move your booty.” – Stormy

“Some people do not understand that you have to be faithful and true to reap rewards. If you are true and honest to yourself there will be love everywhere you look.” – Stormy



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Some Testimonials He Receives:



I Love what Stormy said about being Light and to shelter yourself if you feel the darkness. We all feel the darkness and how simple he states to connect again to the Light. Sweet messages! Love, S. C.

Please thank Stormy for his words of wisdom they were very helpful. – C.

Dear Stormy, Thank you for your insights. You warmed my heart. – J

Dear Stormy! Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom with us all. You are such a gift! – C.E

Dear Stormy,
You are SO very wise and VERY sweet too! Not to mention handsome!! I’m a big fan of you and your Mom. You are both so inspiring and so very helpful to all the
animals and their people. I really loved your answer about the angels
helping both us and animals… I love you Stormy and you have a fan in
Greeneville,TN!! – S.M

Dear Stormy, I want to tell you how inspiring your column is. -G.M.

The Dear Stormy Column is the BEST THING EVER!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!




Stormy is Laura’s 15 year old Australian Shepherd.

His father a tri-colored Aussie named Snuffy, was Laura’s late dog’s very best friend. When Lala died, Laura knew she wanted a Snuffy puppy. Because of prostrate issues, Snuffy was neutered. The very next day, he was found on-top of Stormy’s mom a red Aussie.

It was fate. Stormy was to be born. Laura picked him out when he was two days old so that he could keep his tail. Stormy is a “black bi” Australian Shepherd – not such desirable coloring in the Aussie world. There were better “picks of the litter” that Laura could have chosen from. There were tri-colored Aussies and some blue merles, but out of the 10 puppies, Laura knew that Stormy was special.

Because he did not endure the pain of having his tail docked like the rest of his litter, he was the first one to bark and the first one to venture away.

He was named after Storm King mountain on the Hudson River. He has hiked it a few times and has swum in the waters below.

Because Stormy is a “black bi” Aussie he often mistaken for a lab mix and more often mistaken for a black bear/dog hybrid. Almost always people gasp, “He looks like a bear.”

Stormy’s words of wisdom has been a source of comfort for people across the world. He receives fan email daily thanking him for his words of wisdom and asking him for advice.

Update March 5, 2015:


My sweet Storm King aka Stormy died peacefully today (on the full moon!). Happy until the end. We all miss him terribly.

For now, I will share:

Before he passed Stormy said, “This is going to be awesome!”

And talked about seeing and communicating with so many of our friends (animals and people) who were coming for him.

After he passed, we all felt him. I

heard him say, “no matter how high I fly, know I still love you.”

Luca felt Stormy’s spirit pass through him and said he saw Stormy glittering all around him while he filled him up with love. When we buried Stormy beneath our friends’ oak tree Luca jumped in the grave and tried to get the dirt off him. We are so sad. But are ok.

So grateful he has been in our lives and that we know he is still with us.

Thank you all for loving our sweet Stormy. So many have been touched by him. Truly happy till the end (of this body). :).

May he fly high and we all sense him when he is near. We love you, Stormy!







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