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Stormy’s Words of Wisdom

Excerpt from my book Stormy’s Words of Wisdom. It is available at bookstores world wide!

Amazon Review: 5 Stars An absolute joy! Like reading a tail wag!! I received “Stormy’s Words of Wisdom” late last night but I was so excited I had to dive in and read it. Wow, what a joy! How inspiring, loving, accurate, honest, open and wonderful Stormy’s insights are! Thank you, Stormy! And thank you, wonderful, loving Laura Stinchfield, for being a voice for Stormy and all the other animals you’ve worked with. They, and we, need you! I’m going to buy more copies of “Stormy’s Words of Wisdom” as gifts to lift the hearts of others. It’s the kind of book you can open to any page and read and I guarantee, you’ll start to smile and feel better.

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