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Sway’s Thoughts

This is Sway.  He is seven years old.  His people say he can act nervous.  They wanted to know what can make him more comfortable and happy.  He says,


“One of the reasons I am nervous is that I don’t see normal.  I see crooked. The room can look split, and I have to figure it out.  My vision is funny.  That is why I stop playing when my friends, the other cats, come around. It’s hard to follow when there are so many sights to figure out. I am learning.  


Sway is also excited for the screened-in porch his person his building. He asks,


“Can I see squirrels from there? Mom, I want a birdbath outside and a fountain for us.  Is there going to be a couch out there?”


Animals are like people. Some have better vision than others.  It is evident that Sway sees, but he doesn’t see that well.  My cat Ella has the same issue.  Sway’s people wondered about his sight. When you have a nervous animal take the time to just watch them.  You may notice something unexpected.

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