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The Pet Psychic: Animal Zone S7 E1 Lilly The Rescued Pit Bull Mix From Stray to Spoiled – The Pet Psychic

On This Episode of Animal Zone Laura Stinchfield The Pet Psychic talks to a rescue dog named Lilly. She talks to us about why she had a swollen head when she showed up at her rescuers house and what Lilly misses about her old life. Formally stray dog gone spoiled.

How to talk with a Pet Psychic, People Medium, Card Reader w/ Laura Stinchfield & Kim Klein YouTube Live September 4, 2022

Surrender into Communication!
Laura Stinchfield – The Pet Psychic ® & Kimberly Klein Intuitive Counselor talk about How To Talk With A Psychic & Medium. This is good information if you are having a session with a pet psychic, people medium, card reader, or any other type of intuitive psychic reader. We will discuss the dos and don’ts that help you have a great session.