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Laura Out And About On Pet Psychic Radio

It is World Tortoise Day Today! We speak to Tortoises on the Pet Psychic Radio Show Today! Our Guest today: Susan M. Tellem, RN, BSN American Tortoise Rescue Malibu, CA www.tortoise.com www.facebook.com/AmericanTortoiseRescue twitter: @tortoiserescue and we take lots of calls! All Our Callers / Animals On This Show Are Inspirational!  Click On Arrow Below To …

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What to Do with a Broken Heart

What to Do with a Broken Heart Clues from Animalia Serafina (cat) says, “Stretch, look in the mirror, and tell yourself you are beautiful. Get out in nature and enjoy the sun.” Stormy (Aussie dog) says, “Make sure you eat good food and take care of your body. Breathe and care of yourself. Do the things you love …

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Animals Say You Should Ask For Help

Ask for Help Animals Do, and So Can You Often when I am speaking with animals they talk about spirits on the other side that are around their people.  In my experience, these spirits are mostly deceased loved ones, ancestors, or angelic creatures.  Rarely are they negative entities.  The animals tell us there are times when, in …

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Intention Making Wishes into Realities   Creating an intention for the behavior we want in an animal is extremely important Intention is an active process. It creates a clear image in our mind and feeling in our body. It is an active, forward-moving process. It is visualizing exactly what we want and then moving persistently toward it. For …

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