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I asked Felix if he had any advice for people.

He answered, “Stop complaining, figure it out and enjoy yourself.”

I believe that is well said; especially from a dog who once had to scavenge for food.

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Stormy On Communicating With Animals

Stormy’s tips on communicating with animals on Pet Psychic Radio (13-Nov-2014):

“I gotta tell everybody something. If you have a problem talking to your animal, go take a shower and then come back and try again. It makes a lot of sense if you take the time ’cause your animal will understand you.

And I have to tell you all about hearing them. Sometimes you’ll feel like ‘I’m so confused and bad at this.’

Every now and then you’ll be like ‘Oh my God, I got it.’ And when you’re like that, your relationship with your pet gets deeper.

And then you realize that the thoughts you think and that the pictures you put in your head create the life that you desire. And that’s so important. So if you think bad things, your animal and your Self will feel like you’re in muck. So don’t think bad things, think only happy thoughts.

And know that I love you ’cause I’m Storm King, the star of the show.”

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Cuddles was 11 years old when he died on 8/26/14.

During a phone session on 9/24/14 Cuddles said from Heaven:

“Tell mom that she made the right decision and this place is like a fun fest.” “I don’t feel any pain and I am with you all the time. I run along side of you super quick and run in front of you then I run around you again, and I know that I will see you again.” “Mom, there is a car here and I go for rides. I have so much fun in the car rides!”

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