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P1000974.jpgThis is Taisha. Her mom (person) gave me a list of questions to ask Taisha. After a few questions Taisha said to me, “I wish I could just read that list so that we could go over the questions that I like.”

P1020391.jpgTAISHA & HER MOM (person) JEANNINE. Taisha says to me, “My mom knows me better than you do.”
P1300056.jpg“I love our walks…and my mom knows when we need to turn around.”
Colorado%20River%20-%202008%20228.jpg“I dont want to wear my swimming vest. I can’t wiggle in the vest to swim. I want to swim with my mom without my vest”
Racing%20Taisha.jpg“When helping me in and out of the car. It would be better if my mom put her arm under my butt rather than across my belly.”

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