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This is Teddy. He is five years old. He says, “I was wondering at nighttime, can I have a ramp to get up and down on the bed.”

Teddy’s person a few nights earlier was thinking that she wished Teddy could come up to the bed at night to cuddle. She wondered if he would use a ramp. Two things could be happening here. Either Teddy heard her thoughts is now telling her that he would love that.

Or Teddy’s person could have heard him that he wanted that, and then she thought it was her idea. This is very common with animals and their people. When you pay attention to your thoughts and know-how, you think it will be easier to recognize when someone else’s thoughts pop in.

Teddy goes on to say, “Mom is super clear. My mom gets me. I am happy. My life is enriched. I am super loved, so I want to say, ‘I love you, mom. I love you mom.”

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