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Testimonial – Gus Returns


from Sandra:

Laura has been a part of our lives for three years now since the death of our beloved dog 17 year old dog Gus.

She was referred to me by our vet (who had also used Laura’s services when having behavioral issues with her dogs) when I was completely bereft with grief and struggling with the decision to send Gus to heaven.

Laura immediately alleviated my concerns.  Gus told her, yes the time was right.  And, more importantly he reassured me he was happy.

During that first session with Laura when we could barely hear each other over my sobbing, Gus told her words that I have kept with me ever since:

“Mum, I am around you all the time and the simplest way to know that I am there is just talk to me as if I am.  I mean where am I going to go?, our souls are stuck together in spiritual glue”

Those words have been such a balm for my broken heart.

My grief was profound. Laura became not only my Gus communicator but a huge support for me in learning to live with loss.

My husband was understanding but initially skeptical.  After listening to the recordings of our sessions it didn’t take him long to realize whilst he couldn’t grasp how she “does it” he was blown away by the accuracy and the detail of the things she said about Gus and our lives.  Now he can’t wait to hear the MP3s of our sessions!

We speak regularly.  Laura talks to Gus along with deceased family members and friends which again gives us great comfort.

And now she is there for the next chapter in our lives.  A while back Gus indicated he was ready to return to us in the body of a pup.  Laura guided us through the process of finding the pup and preparing for his arrival.

Earlier in the year he – Squid – arrived. Now we talk to Squid about his new life with us and continue to talk to Gus, who is always here….

Today Gus said:

“I have to tell you I am filled with love and excitement about being back.  I can rest my head on my mum and I forget what time it is and what body I am in.  I just feel blessed to feel my mum again.”

We are so incredibly grateful to have Laura’s support, empathy and wise words and to benefit from her gift.

We live in Australia and only wish Laura was here so we could deliver a big thank you hug!





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1 thought on “Testimonial – Gus Returns”

  1. Laurentia McIntosh

    Dear Sandra,
    I am so glad for you and your dh that you have Gus’s spirit back in the form of Squid. I, too, am wrestling w/ concerns over the health of our 17 yr old pup and making sure she doesn’t suffer. I trust Laura when she says I’ll know when the time is right (but, I still worry). Blessings on you and your new life together.

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