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Titanic Dog Speaks…

Dogs On The Titanic

On Sunday mornings, I am on a radio show with Annie Greer a professional animal behaviorist and radio personality.  She came up with the idea of talking to one of the animals on the Titanic.  On the Internet, I found a picture of a bulldog on the Titanic.  He was easier to contact than I thought he was going to be.  He had a lot to say.  This is his communication as it came to me.  So I apologize if it feels like it jumps from one subject to the next.  As he spoke I would wonder about something and he would quickly answer my thoughts.  Here is what he has to say:

“I loved being on the ship because it was a great sense of adventure. We pooped and peed in a certain section of the ship where they had laid dirt and husks.   This was left over from what they used to pack the food in.  Being on the ship was great fun.  I had a lot of dog friends and sometimes my dad (person) would parade us around the ship.  Everyone would come out to see us.

I ate people food on the ship and I can tell you something.  It was days before the sinking that they knew something was wrong with the ship.  My dad would stay up really late at night worrying about what to do if the leak got any bigger.  They tried hard to patch it up.  They worried about how they would rescue everyone because they knew that there was not enough space.  They thought about alerting some people and they told the most prestigious people first so that they could find a raft.  But in the rush it didn’t feel like wealth mattered.  People started to get frightened when the ship started making loud noises.  While I waited patiently for my person, people started to trip over us dogs.  I had a small child with me for a long time that was separated from her people.  She held tightly onto my collar.  I knew the place to wait for my father to come and find me.  I knew he would come back for me.  I saw some of my dog friends jump into the water and drown trying to get into the boats.  I saw one man drowning his own dog in the water because he knew that they were not going to get rescued.  I died.  There were so many of us that died that the angles could not corral us all quickly to bring us to heaven. The angels were trying to help the people to survive.  So many spirits lingered until the angels showed them their way.  I didn’t know I died at first.  I ran on top of the water trying to pull people out until I realized I was dead and angel came for me.  I saw people I love commit suicide and shoot themselves because they were not going to be saved.  I saw my dad drown.  It was terrible.  One man played his violin until the ship sunk trying to calm people.  I still remember the sound of the violin, splashing water, people crying and then the sucking noise of the ship sinking.”

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7 thoughts on “Titanic Dog Speaks…”

  1. My daughter is an animal communicator and medium, as well. She has been shown many things. Perhaps it is only the perspective of the dog speaking, but it is hard to believe that God did not send enough angels to bring his children and his animals to heaven, as well as assist those who must live.

  2. The dog is mistaken when he says that “I saw my dad drown”. According to a Google search of “dogs on Titanic”, the bulldog’s dad was R W Daniel, a 27 year old banker who survived. He was pulled aboard a lifeboat after swimming to the lifeboat. Mr. Daniel became a prominent banker who died in 1940. More info: the dog was a champion French Bulldog named “Gamin de Pycombe”, who was insured by Mr. Daniel for the astronomical sum (circa 1914) of $750.

  3. Susan,

    What I feel happened in this situation is that God did send enough angels and that some people did not immediately know that they were dead. Their spirits lingered in shock and when it was their time and when their souls were ready God and his/hers angels assisted them to heaven. Unfortunately in great trauma some souls do get trapped. Some for moments and other for many years. It is my belief that this is not God’s decision. It is our souls growth, awareness, and ability to let go of life that either holds us or sets us free.


    I want to thank you for your kind email. I want to respond with care, but it seems my day is becoming very hectic. I know you have been waiting for a response so I apologize for the quick email. I want to send you my thoughts. I am thinking about writing another article about your comments and what they brought up for me. I will let you know when I do that. But in the time being I am going to write them here in list fashion so you get a response and see where I am going with it.

    Yes, I know about the bulldog (owned by the banker) you talked about. My co host on the radio told me about him before I did the communication. I was under the impression it was another bulldog. Though I did not look on line to see if there was another on board. Perhaps not all dogs were listed. I was under the impression from my communication with the dog that the owner of the dog was someone who “worked” on the ship. After your emails I looked on line and saw that there was a man that walked the dogs that worked for the ship and thought it is a possibility that the dog could have been very fond of him and I could have gotten that he may have been his owner though it is said that man survived as well.

    I feel I was talking to another bull dog. I will ask him again when I have more time.

    When I did the communication first I had 15 minutes before we went live on air (radio). I ended up editing it quickly for an article and then posting it. I hate to admit but I didn’t do the fact checking I should have. Not online (because I knew about the banker), but with the dog. I should have asked him to clarify all the facts he told me. I believe my facts are accurate but what I learned that I should be doing is taking more time with the animal before I post and to make sure I can find an animal that will be found on line. Perhaps I should have searched for a picture of the bankers dog. Do you get my drift? You have taught me to take more care. It is a possibility that I did talk to the bankers dog and he saw someone else he loved die and the banker had a close relationship with the people who worked on the ship (so I thought he was a worker). If I can find a picture of the banker I could ask him as well.

    I want to thank you for reading my work. And thank you for bringing it to my attention that in order for me to be taken seriously all details must match. I have talked to animals all my life and do not always find it to be very amazing, different, or strange. I forget that people need hardcore facts. I want to work with scientists. I want everything to be factually. I believe I have a gift and I want to use it for the best. I believe what I do has to do with quantum physics, grids, and math. But I dont have that scientific mind to figure it out though I would love for someone who does to study what I do.

    Perhaps what I did was dishonoring my gift by not taking more care. I am not sure. I need to explore it more and study more about what was right on with my reading and what was close in meaning but not pure fact. I will do more study on that and let you know.

    I dont always like to do a lot of research first because I dont want it to sway my communication. But doing the research after then asking questions. Would help. Though I am not sure it will make it more believable for people like you cause like you said, I could do the research on line and make it up.

    These are just my thoughts. I am sorry they are all over the place and if they make no sense at all.

    Thank you!

    More later.

    All my best, Laura

    1. I hope you receive this comment about Titanic Dog Speaks because I noticed this is a late post. Our family has been Bulldog breeders for a number of years and I can say beyond any questionable doubt that the middle dog in the photo is an English Bulldog not a French Bulldog. Someone posted that the dog in question was a champion French Bulldog owned by a banker. That’s not true. The French Bulldog has pointed ears like a fox. The English Bulldog in the photo has the typical rose shaped ears. Also the English is much larger than the French. As far as I know the English Bulldog in the photo is yet to be identified. If you look at some photos of the English and the French you will see a clear distinction. Both breeds have changed very little since the days of the Titanic except the tail of the English is now much shorter.

      1. Hi Neil, Thank you for writing. Yes, I agree with you it is definitely an English Bulldog. French Bulldogs I believe are smaller as well. Thank you for all the information. I did not that the English Bulldogs tail got shorter. Very interesting.

  4. I love you Laura, that is all I know. I have used laura to talk with my animals for about 7 years now. I did not give any details about the pets and I know that Laura has been so accurate on every occasion.

    It was always fun and informational hearing what my pets needed, but my most heartfelt feelings is when 2 of my pets were in the process of passing, Laura was so helpful to me telling me what their last wishes were, that relieved so much guilt and pressure from me “trying” to decide what to do.

    I myself would prefer that you don’t get to scientific as I don’t like everything tied up and TIGHT as a box, I appreciate the breathing space and not having every i dotted. Restrictions to the millionth centimeter makes my breathing stop and shallow if you get my drift.

    Thanks Laura, your awesome and we love you for the accurate work that you do and the love you help spread between owners, pets and the planet.

  5. What do you think he meant when he said “it was days before the sinking that they knew something was wrong with the ship”. Does this mean that the ship was sinking before it hit the iceberg? Have you ever made contact with the dog since to clarify this. It is really interesting. Just so you know, I am a spiritualist myself, so fully have faith in what you have said on this blog.

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