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It was wonderful to see my mentor Linda Tellington-Jones at her clinic last weekend. Here Linda does some ear work on Sweetie.

Jubilee, my horse, could not attend the clinic because she was not feeling well. On the last day of the clinic, I had to rush home because Jubilee was sick. On Halloween Jubilee was diagnosed with Ulcers. She is on the mend. I know that I should post more when my animals are going through issues like this but I tend to move more inward.

Carol LA a TTouch Instructor writes about Ear work: After calling the veterinarian, start working on your horse’s ears. Start at the base of the ear, fold the ear on itself with your fingers on one side and thumb on the other, and slide along the length of the ear. When you reach the tip, rub it between your thumb and fingers to activate the shock point. Keep repeating the slide and the rub of the tip. You can also make circles or rub around the base of the ear, where it joins the head, to activate the acupuncture point for digestion and respiration.

Working the ears in the case of colic, or any other situation where shock is a factor, helps to balance an animal’s system and bring, or keep, him out of shock. Working each ear individually, rather than both at the same time, usually is more effective. Also, you can stroke an ear while walking the horse if the horse seems to prefer moving. If the horse is standing or lying and not trying to roll or to thrash, do the TTouch techniques without walking. Consider that the horse might be tired or exhausted from hours of discomfort and might need to rest. The TTouch can relieve many of the horse’s symptoms without added stress.

Working the muzzle, nostrils and mouthWorking the ears is most important since it affects the entire system of the horse, but there are other helpful techniques. You can read more here: http://www.ttouch.com/horseArticleColic.shtml

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